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The only lodge in the area that is to be found inside a Nature Reserve!

Mishana Amazon Lodge is a unique and mystical place, two hours by boat from Iquitos. It is located inside the nature reserve known as Allpahuayo Mishana which is home to 5 unique bird species, 500 varieties of trees per 2.5 acres (more than any site on earth) and nearly 100 plant species which do not exist anywhere else in the world. New species are being discovered every year. It is one of the most bio diverse regions in the world. Of the 475 species of birds that have been documented by AMNR, 21 species are only found in white sand forests. Three species of endangered primates are found within the reserve,and for two of them, the Yellow-handed Titi Monkey, and the Equatorial Saki Monkey, Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve is the only place where these monkeys' habitat has been officially protected in Peru. It has set various world records for biological diversity. There are 143 species of reptiles, 71 amphibians, 1,900 species of plants and more species of butterflies than any other site in the world.

The lodge helps the adjoining local community known as Mishana Village and provides funds for the local voluntary Rangers who look after the Reserve. It provides employment to locals who might otherwise be hunting animals and birds or chopping down trees for wood. This helps to sustain the local habitat in a pristine condition for eternity. The people and the wildlife coexist peacefully in an ecologically aware environment.

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